Connect and Engage: Virtually

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In addition to EdUSA Connects "5 Steps" webinars for students, EducationUSA advisers and regional educational advising coordinators (REACs) share tips for international recruitment and information on education systems across the world through webinars for U.S. college and university representatives. EdUSA Connects webinars are available live, archived on our website, and as podcasts on iTunes.

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Social Media

EducationUSA Advising Centers manage more than 150 Facebook pages, profiles and groups, 70+ Twitter feeds, and more than a dozen YouTube channels. For a complete list of network-wide social media outlets, click here. In addition, the Washington-based EducationUSA staff manages the following global EducationUSA platforms.

  • Facebook

    Most Facebook users reside outside the United States, and a majority of users are 16-25 years old. The global EducationUSA Facebook page is an effective platform for connecting with the EducationUSA network and this prospective student audience.

    U.S. college and university representatives can join discussions with international students on the EducationUSA global Facebook page. Your posts give international students direct contact with admissions staff and illustrate the accessibility of the U.S. higher education system.

    The "About" link on the global EducationUSA Facebook page links to a comprehensive list of 170 EducationUSA Facebook pages, profiles, and groups currently in use among advising centers abroad. U.S. representatives can connect with advisers on Facebook when targeting specific countries. A growing Facebook Interests List has also been compiled to which individuals can subscribe to capture over 180 EducationUSA-related Facebook pages' posts.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is an increasingly useful social media tool, and its use is growing in markets such as Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, and India. Many students abroad turn to Twitter to locate news and resources to assist in college searches. EducationUSA maintains two global Twitter feeds: @EdUSAtips for U.S. representatives, and @EdUSAupdates for students. More than 70 advising center-based or U.S. embassy-based Twitter feeds disseminate EducationUSA content to international students. A list of all EducationUSA Twitter feeds is available at @EdUSAtips.

  • YouTube

    EducationUSA TV, the network's YouTube channel, has a playlist for U.S. college and university recruiting videos. To add your institutional video and reach more international students, send your video URL to the EducationUSA Team in DC.

  • Country-Specific Social Media

    Do you want to find out how students in specific countries engage with social media? See the regional information in the EducationUSA Global Guide, and contact advisers to learn more about the preferred social media platforms. In addition, REACs and advisers can help localize your institution's social media strategy.