Raise Your Profile

Place the EducationUSA logo on your international admissions website to direct prospective students to EducationUSA for online and in-country assistance. Students who contact EducationUSA advising centers early in the college search process are often the most prepared applicants.

EducationUSA's "Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study" online advising guide helps prospective international students better understand and navigate the decentralized - and seemingly daunting - U.S. higher education admissions process. Refer prospective international students to "Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study" as well as to EducationUSA Advising Centers for a wealth of "how to" information.

Develop ways to incorporate the "5 Steps" - 1) Research Your Options, 2) Complete Your Application, 3) Finance Your Studies, 4) Apply for Your Student Visa, and 5) Prepare for Your Departure - into recruitment materials for international students. Together, we can present the U.S. higher education application process in a more streamlined, step-by-step manner.

Promote your institution at upcoming EducationUSA Higher Education Fair tours and other major international events. Some fairs and events allow you to send a proxy, such as an alumnus, to represent you.

Presenting to international students on the web is a great way to build name recognition for your institution or program! Be guest speaker on "EdUSA Connects" webinars and present on topics related to "Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study": 1) Research Your Options, 2) Complete Your Application, 3) Finance Your Studies, 4) Apply for Your Student Visa, and 5) Prepare for Your Departure. To sign up as a subject matter expert, you must have a login. For more information, contact the EducationUSA Team in DC.

Due to internet bandwidth and connectivity issues around the world, recruitment materials remain a useful source of information at many EducationUSA Advising Centers. Download a spreadsheet that lists the types of materials each advising center can receive, maximum quantities of each type, and mailing addresses for those that can receive materials. Many mailing addresses are U.S.-based - either APO/DPO or U.S. Department of State pouch addresses.

Share your institution's scholarship opportunities and other noteworthy news for international students via the Weekly Update, distributed each Monday to the EducationUSA network. EducationUSA advisers distribute the Weekly Update across social media channels and email lists. Many advisers also post it in their centers. Weekly Update content is also available to students through RSS feeds and a searchable database on the EducationUSA website. Check out this tutorial video to learn how to submit your stories.

EducationUSA TV, the network's YouTube channel, has a playlist for U.S. college and university recruiting videos. To add your institutional video and reach more international students, send your URL to the EducationUSA Team in DC.

Leverage Consortia

EducationUSA extends support to 30 consortia that promote cities, states, and regions as destinations for international students. For information on forming a consortium or working with an EducationUSA representative, please contact the EducationUSA Team in DC.