Consul General of the Bahamas visits South Dakota State University (SD)

May 19, 2014

Conch salad and bison burgers are not one’s typical everyday menu items. But it’s not every day that the consul general of the Bahamas pays a visit. Paulette Zonicle, Consul General of the Bahamas, has a taste for the unique and her visit to South Dakota State University did not disappoint. Zonicle recently visited the SDSU campus in an effort to extend collaboration and facilitate international exchange between the Bahamas and SDSU.

“South Dakota State University is an awesome opportunity for Bahamian students not only because of the competitive tuition and the size of the university, but also because of the quality of the education. It is ranked among the top universities in this part of the United States,” Zonicle said. “For our students who are interested in engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to come here. It is a smaller town and it is safe for our children. We are honored that the university has opened its doors for our students.”

With more than 700 islands and close to 400,000 citizens, the Bahamas reports a growing number of students traveling to the U.S. for college, with students and parents seeking higher education at a good value. While at State, Zonicle met with several key administrators including Provost Laurie Nichols and President David L. Chicoine. “We would like to keep growing our international population and diversity is the key,” said Chicoine while meeting with Zonicle. “We would like to provide diversity on campus and to provide students an opportunity to learn more from the Bahamas. What can be a better way than having more Bahamian students on our campus?” To bring her visit full circle, Zonicle spent an afternoon meeting six of the seven Bahamian SDSU students with a stop at the Dairy Bar to taste the famed Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream. “The good thing about South Dakota State University is that the price is right which can be very attractive to Bahamian students,” Zonicle said. “We can’t wait to get more students to learn about this institution.”

Western Washington University (WA) 'Ask Me Anything About My Country' Booth

May 16, 2014

Western Washington University international students took turns sitting in the “Ask Me Anything About My Country” booth on the Bellingham, WA, campus on Friday, May 16. Passersby asked the students about their countries, their cultures, and their experiences as international students in the US. Organized by International Student and Scholar Services, the goal of the event was to celebrate WWU’s international population and to encourage cross-cultural education on a personal level.

International Student and Scholar Services supports international students at Western Washington University, providing assistance with immigration advising, practical matters, and social and cultural adjustment. ISSS also works to promote cross-cultural exchange throughout the University community. International students may begin their studies at Western Washington University in Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters.

The Maxwell School at Syracuse University (NY) Washington Semester Program

May 16, 2014

The Maxwell School's Washington Semester Program puts students in the midst of some of the most important institutions, processes, and policy makers in the world. Students in The College of Arts and Sciences prepare for the global workplace and for post-baccalaureate and professional programs through a contemporary liberal arts curriculum that focuses on interdisciplinary learning, research, service, and enterprise.

Offered in both fall and spring semesters, the Washington Semester Program is open to qualified undergraduates in any major whose GPA is at least 3.0. PSC 124 (or PSC 139) International Relations is strongly recommended, but not required. The 15-credit program consists of four courses and an internship, all offered in Washington, D.C. SU financial aid packages travel with you, and there is no need to transfer credits back to SU upon your return.

Step 5: Prepare for Your Departure- Gather Pre-departure Materials ...

May 16, 2014

It's that time, and you are getting ready to start your studies in the U.S.! Before you leave your home country, take the time to double-check that you have gathered all the documents you will need for your travel and stay in the United States. These include:

-Passport and nonimmigrant visa
-Certificate of eligibility
-Contact information
-Birth certificate and marriage certificate
-Medical documents
-Academic transcripts
-College or university acceptance letter

South Dakota State University (SD) International Graduates Celebrate ...

May 15, 2014

Forty-seven South Dakota State University international graduates celebrated their accomplishments and were honored in colorful fashion at the second annual SDSU Sash Ceremony May 9 at the McCrory Gardens Education and Visitor Center. The Office of International Affairs awarded each international graduate a sash honoring his/her home country in the presence of faculty, friends and family.

“The best way to continue to attract quality students is to treat our current students well,” said Greg Wymer, manager of international students and scholars. “The SDSU Sash Ceremony, in particular, is important to SDSU because it leaves a lasting impression on the international students as they leave the university.”

Gibril Vandy of Sierra Leone, a 2014 international graduate, gave the ceremony’s student address.

Students were recognized and came forward to receive their sash from President David L. Chicoine. Sashes were also allowed as a special honor at the 2014 SDSU Commencement the following day, highlighting the SDSU international student population.

More than 80 countries are currently represented within the SDSU student population. To view more photos of the 2014 Sash Ceremony, visit

Bellevue College (WA) Hosts Panel to Share "Words of Wisdom" with ...

May 15, 2014

Bellevue College's Asian Pacific Islander Student Association hosted a panel of two professionals who previously studied in higher education as international students. The purpose was to share past experiences with current international students at BC, providing insight and wisdom for the challenges they may face in the future or are currently facing today.

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4 Key Facts About the U.S. College Admissions Process

May 14, 2014

International students should submit a diverse admissions portfolio and weigh early application options at U.S. colleges. These are some of the ways that U.S. universities differ from those in many other countries, especially when it comes to the undergraduate admissions process.

4 Things International Students Should Look for in a U.S. College

May 8, 2014

International students should make sure to evaluate characteristics other than a college's rankings. Before you decide which U.S. colleges you'll apply to, you should research the following about each school you're considering to find where you can be a happy and successful student.
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Parkland College (IL) Being an International Student is No Small Feat

May 7, 2014

International students make up a significant portion of the student body at Parkland. According to Parkland’s website, 350 students representing over 50 countries attend school here. Life for an international student is different from that of a domestic student in many ways. In addition to the typical stresses that any college student deals with, international students may also find it difficult to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Parkland is well aware of the difficulties these students face and has staff on hand to help them cope.
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Oregon State University (OR) International Students Celebrate Their ...

May 7, 2014

Students had the chance to share stories about their culture on May 4th as part of the International Students of OSU’s annual Spring Festival, in which 16 international student groups served food and performed for students and their families attending the university’s Moms Weekend. The theme of this year’s festival was “Stories our Mamas told us.”

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University of Kansas (KS) Students Receive Global Awareness Program ...

May 2, 2014

Eighty-five students at the University of Kansas (KU) received Global Awareness Program certificates at an annual recognition ceremony. The Global Awareness Program (GAP) awards transcript certification to students who have demonstrated a heightened degree of global engagement through their academic coursework, experiences abroad and co-curricular involvement. GAP is open to all undergraduate students who wish to supplement their KU degree with this unique certificate.

GAP consists of three main components: Academic, Co-curricular, and International Experience. Students may choose any two components to complete certification, and those who fulfill all three components will receive certification with distinction. Students can tailor their GAP experience to fit their interests, experiences, and degree requirements. With its interdisciplinary emphasis and flexibility, GAP offers all students the chance to distinguish themselves and demonstrate that they are better prepared to live, lead, and work in a global society.

In the current academic year, 220 students at the University of Kansas have received certification with more expected by the end of the semester. Ten students have completed all three tracks of program in order to receive distinction. Twenty international students were honored.

Foreign Students Adapt to Rigors of US Naval Academy

April 30, 2014

Throughout its long history, the U.S. Naval Academy has produced prominent leaders. The academy prepares young men and women to become officers in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. But not all of its undergraduate students - known as midshipmen - are American. Dozens are foreign exchange students who return home to serve their countries after graduating.

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Winona State University (MN) Opening of English Language Center in Bemidji

April 28, 2014

Winona State University (WSU) is excited to announce the opening of the English Language Center in Bemidji in partnership with Bemidji State University. The English Language Center at Bemidji State University offers intensive English language instruction and cultural activities to international students who are preparing to study at BSU, WSU, another U.S. university, or simply wish to improve their English.

For information about the ELC in Bemidji, visit

International Students Learn Film Production in Hollywood

April 25, 2014

Hollywood - which is part of Los Angeles - is the movie capital of the world, and many aspiring filmmakers go there in hopes of breaking into the movie business. Regional universities are also a magnet for students, who hope to become producers or directors.

Learn about international students who are studying at institutions like California State University and other Los Angeles universities to prepare for a career in the increasingly international movie industry.

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Baylor University (TX) International Students Get Taste of Authentic ...

April 24, 2014

Students from 73 countries will spend an evening soaking in the cultural experience of a Texas ranch. For the third year, the Baylor Center for International Education will organize the semester-ending Texas Ranch Party, hosted at Faith Rest Ranch in Crawford.

For more information about the event visit: