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Pre-departure Information
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Pre-departure orientation sessions are group or individual events to prepare students who have been accepted into programs of study in the U.S. Valuable information is exchanged during these sessions. Topics may include information on culture shock, health and travel insurance, medical and money matters, plane ticket, and visas among others.
Every student who has been accepted into programs of study in the United States benefits from attending a pre-departure session.
Many EducationUSA Advising Centers offer annual pre-departure orientation sessions. Contact the center nearest to your city to find out about these sessions. You can find the location of these centers on our EducationUSA website.
They are offered annually, usually before the beginning of the spring semester. Contact the EducationUSA advising center closest to your city to find out information about dates and location.
Attending a pre-departure session will give you the opportunity to receive realistic and accurate information before the beginning of your study program. You can attend a session after you have receive confirmation of acceptance from a U.S. institution, when you are focused on planning your departure or just before you apply for a visa, make travel arrangements, etc.
Please contact the nearest EducationUSA Advising center for information on dates and location.
The EducationUSA adviser at the advising center is in charge of planning and organizing these workshops.
No. Any student who has been accepted to attend study programs in the United States can attend these pre-departure orientation sessions.
Universities usually have orientation sessions before you begin your study program. Please contact the admissions office to find out more information on this topic.
The objective of a pre-departure orientation session is to give you realistic and accurate information and provide you with skills to adjust successfully to any challenges before you depart.

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