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Essentially there is no difference, rather online studies is one of many means of distance learning (distance education). Distance education is a type of formal learning in which student and instructors are in different places. It may be synchronous or asynchronous. If distance education is synchronous, instruction is given at a particular time and, usually, at specific locations. If distance education is asynchronous, instruction can be received by students wherever and whenever they desire, as long as they have access to the Internet or, in the case of correspondence education, to the mail.

Distance education can be accomplished through:

• Mail

•Telephones and voicemail

• One-way or interactive radio, television, satellite, audio, or video transmission

• Video cassette recorders (VCRs) or CD-ROMs

• Email and Online

For more detailed information on Distance Education please go to the following website: (will need to link to “distance education” section within the Short-Term Study section on the research choices & test section off the students home page

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