Apply to Host On-Campus Training for EducationUSA Advisers Proposal Deadline:
Friday, November 8, 2013

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education are pleased to announce the EducationUSA Training Institute: Essentials of Advising Level 1 to take place in the winter of 2014. Accredited U.S. higher education institutions are invited to submit proposals to host the on-campus portion of the Training Institute (January 26- February 7, 2014). The on-campus portion of the EducationUSA Training Institute: Essentials of Educational Advising (Level 1) will take place January 27 – February 7, 2014. The Level 1 program is designed for new advisers with at least a year of experience. Building upon regional and on-line training for new advisers, the program will provide advisers with foundational knowledge of key topics: EducationUSA as a public diplomacy tool; structure and diversity of the U.S. higher education system; international student admissions and financial aid procedures; and an introduction to resources available to support advisers in their work. Advisers will gain skills in student advising, advising center management, networking, and promotion of U.S. higher education.

To apply, download the EducationUSA Training Institute Host Campus Request for Proposals and the Essentials of Advising On-Campus Training Modules, which include additional information about the program and instructions for applying.

About the EducationUSA Training Institute The EducationUSA Training Institute is an intensive training and professional development program designed to provide EducationUSA advisers with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their effectiveness and build professional competency. The training aims to further advisers’ skills, knowledge, and attitudes in the following five core competency areas: 1) Helping students have a successful study experience in the United States; 2) Advocating for U.S. higher education; 3) Managing and advising center; 4) Representing and advocating for EducationUSA; and 5) Contributing to the knowledge base of the EducationUSA network. Each 2-week EducationUSA Training Institute is comprised of a Washington, DC-based workshop, including sessions at the U.S. Department of State, and an on-campus training element, with site visits to public and private institutions. The Training Institute is a core activity of EducationUSA’s Professional Development Program and is offered several times each year, targeting different levels of advising.

Host Campus Responsibilities In close collaboration with EducationUSA staff, host campuses will design and carry out the on-campus portion of the training program. Campus responsibilities include securing faculty and staff to deliver and facilitate training sessions, providing on-campus meeting space and other facilities, and arranging all program logistics, including lodging, meals and transportation.

Proposal Deadline: Friday, November 8, 2013

Questions about the program, hosting responsibilities, or the host campus application should be directed to Matt Washburn, Program Officer, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State,