Educational Information & Advising Center “Osvita”

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Adviser Name(s):Serhiy Papuk
Kateryna Kanevska
Phone: (+38-056) 7265139 | Fax: (+38-056) 744-6242
Mailing Address: Prospekt Karla Marksa 60, rm. 83 Dnipropetrovsk 49000 UKRAINE
Walk-Up Address: Same as mailing address
Center Hours:Monday - Friday:  10:00 - 18:00
 Saturday - Sunday:  Closed

Center Website: http://www.center-osvita.dp.ua/

Skype Name: osvitadnk | Facebook Profile | http://vk.com/id35279345

Center Description: Download Fast Facts about Ukraine - Open Doors 2013 here: https://www.educationusa.info/files/74a7af46-0884-47d4-c4a8-5e4a15727a61/Open%20Doors%20Fast%20Facts-Ukraine%202013.pdf

Download "Funding Opportunities for Study in the U.S. for Students from Ukraine" - www.educationusa.info/files/9b39f635-b484-45ba-e85b-a96c085f83d6/educationusa%20funding%20for%20study%20in%20the%20us%20for%20ukrainians.pdf

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Weekly English Speaking Club

Advising Center Services

Cost Service
Free One-on-one advising
Free Advising by appointment
Free Drop-in advising
Free Regularly scheduled introductory presentations / sessions
Free Library hours
Both Test preparation courses
Both English language courses

Higher Education Fairs

1 Organizer: EducationUSA Fair
Dates: 2014-10-08
Anticipated Audience:
For More Information: http://www.educationusarussia.org/eurasiatour

Program Highlights

1. Vkontakte.ru Study Opportunities Group

Vkontakte.ru is a social networking website which is more popular in Russia and Ukraine than Facebook or Twitter. The Study Oppoortunities Group enables to post information on study opportunities in a way that appeals to young people and provides a certain level of interaction with them. Also, it contains a number of pictures of students who went to study in US through Osvita.

2. Thematic workshops

Workshops are given on bi-weekely basis at Osvita EIAC and cover such topis as System of Higher Education in USA, Application and Admission Process, Writing Admission Essays, Standardized Tests, etc. The workshops are free of charge, but as the number of seats is limited, is only available for those who register in advance.

3. Presentations at Universities

Presentations on educational opportunities are given regularly at major universities of Dnipropetrovsk. The numbers of attendees vary from 30 to 50. These presentations are normally of general character and mostly cover such topics as system of higher education in USA, application process and financial aid.

4. English Speaking Club

The Club was started in May 2009 with an aim to give the citizens of Dnipropetrovsk to practice their English speaking skills free of charge. The meetings are held weekly at the City Library and run by volunteers. Different topics are covered, from shopping to scientific discoveries and recent news. Participation is free.

5. GRE study group

The group enables advisees interested in pursuing graduate studies in US to better prepare themselves for GRE exam. Coordinated by the EducationUSA adviser, the group not only helps its participants to succeed at GRE exam, but also gives them experience in peer learning and teaching. Participation is free.

6. Competitive College Club

The group consists of top high-school students who attend the meetings on a weekly basis and participate in lectures, book clubs, community service activities, cross cultural exercises and test preparation. The activities help
ensure that students are properly advised as they go through a process of
preparing themselves both academically and socially for a US university and find schools that might be a good fit. Participation is free.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are currently scheduled.

Special Programs

Name of program: Competitive College
Contact: Kateryna Kanevska
Brief description of the award, application process:
EducationUSA Competitive College Clubs (CCC) help the best and brightest students apply to competitive U.S. colleges and universities. CCC advisers work intensively to prepare students for the application process. CCC advisers organize student activities including study groups, intensive SAT and ACT preparation, reading assignments, lectures, and community service projects. Students sign a contract detailing their responsibilities, which include attending all meetings during the school year and summer sessions.

Name of program: Opportunity
Brief description of the award, application process:
Opportunity funds, available through EducationUSA advising centers in many countries, support exceptionally well-qualified students of limited financial means with the up-front costs of applying to undergraduate or graduate degree programs at accredited U.S. colleges and universities. Opportunity funds may be used to pay the costs of test preparation and fees, visa and application fees, transportation costs, books, and settling-in allowances.

Scheduled Pre-Departure Orientations

No pre-departure orientations are currently scheduled.

Country-based Financial Aid Opportunities

No Financial Aid Opportunities at this time.


No videos available.