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Higher Education Fairs

1 Organizer: Amerikazentrum Hamburg
Dates: 2015-04-16
Anticipated Audience: Students and US Higher Ed
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Program Highlights

EducationUSA Alumni Fair 2014

EducationUSA Alumni Fair 2014
Hamburg, Germany

Amerikazentrum Hamburg initiated and organized an EducationUSA Alumni Fair for the first time in Germany which was held at Amerikazentrum on 11th April, 2014. The fair was a great success; there were 12 US schools represented and about 80 attendees at this event.

While traditional EducationUSA fairs involve representatives of U.S. universities traveling to various countries to recruit students, the Alumni Fair model allows the EAC to reach out to host country nationals on a grassroots level by involving German alumni of U.S. universities, U.S. foreign service officers and family members and others who have studied in the U.S. to share their experience in the U.S. higher education system.

Several months prior to the event a questionnaire was sent to different target groups with potential US alumni. The ones who were interested to represent their U.S. alma mater in Germany, guide interested young people to a rich and rewarding educational experience in the U.S, registered to participate in the event. Universities with registered volunteers were informed to ship their recruitment materials. Amerikazenrum also requested design for promotional materials of the event via MMRP offered by US State Department.

There were 12 US universities and colleges represented at the fair this year:

• Stanford University
• University of California at Davis
• University of Washington
• Idaho State University
• University of Arkansas in Fayetteville
• University of Virginia School of Law
• University of Idaho
• Johns Hopkins University
• Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
• University of California at San Diego
• Seattle Central Community College
• Dickinson College

The event started with an opening speech by Manfred Strack, director of Amerikazentrum Hamburg, who briefly introduced all the activities operated by the center. He also welcomed all the alumni and attendees of the fair and encouraged them to gain detailed information regarding their interests. There were also two presentations offered for the interested audience: ‘EducationUSA as a brand, Introduction to 5 steps to US Study’ by Tamar Karchava, Student Adviser at Amerikazentrum Hamburg and ‘Culture Shock and Social Life’ by Hikoyat Salimova, Alumna from Ball State University.
The event lasted for 3 hours. A former Student Adviser, EducationUSA Student Ambassador and Amerikazentrum intern assisted EducationUSA Student Adviser with organizing the whole event including representing one of the US schools as alumni, registration and a lottery on the fair day. It was really an active and informative event and attendees had a great opportunity to talk to Alumni and get first-hand information from them regarding different topics such as choosing a proper university, admission requirements, financial aid possibilities, social life, etc. At the end of the event the attendees took part in a lottery drawing where the lucky ones had a great chance to win one free registration voucher for an official TOEFL exam, one free placement at TOEFL test preparation courses and 5 US standardized test preparation books. Amerikazentrum Hamburg plans to have the same event annually as it is a very efficient way to engage a large number of interested persons in consultations on different studying possibilities in the US.

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