EducationUSA at American Councils

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adviser Name(s):Aleksandra Popovic
Phone: + 387 033 838 262 | Fax: + 387 33 838 262
Mailing Address: Vrbanja 6, 71000 Sarajevo
Walk-Up Address: Same as mailing address
Center Hours:Monday - Friday:  09:00 - 17:00
 Saturday - Sunday:  Closed

Center Website: http://www.educationusa.ba

Skype Name: educationusa-sarajevo | Become a Fan on Facebook | YouTube Channel

Center Description: EducationUSA BiH pri American Councils for International Education je posvećen davanju tačnih, tekućih i sveobuhvatnih informacija o obrazovnim institucijama u Sjedinjenim Državama. Savjetovanje uključuje razne teme uključujući izabrane institucije, identificiranje mogućnosti za finansijsku pomoć, razumijevanje procesa prijema, apliciranje za studentsku vizu, pomoć pri prijevodu dokumenata, pripremanje za život u drugoj kulturi te pronalaženje mogućnosti za zapošljavanje po povratku kući.

EducationUSA BiH također pruža informacije o stipendijama finansiranim od strane Vlade Sjedinjenih Američkih Država za BiH.

Za informacije o obrazovnom sistemu u Bosni i Hercegovini molimo pogledajte internet stranicu Federalnog Ministarstva obrazovanja na http://www.fmon.gov.ba/ i Ministarstva prosvjete i kulture Republike Srpske na http://www.vladars.net/sr-sp-latn/vlada/ministarstva/mpk/Pages/Splash.aspx

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EducationUSA adviser during outreach in a local school

Advising Center Services

Cost Service
Free One-on-one advising
Free Advising by appointment
Free Drop-in advising
Free Regularly scheduled introductory presentations / sessions
Free Computer / internet access/use
Free Library hours
Free Videos, DVDs available to borrow
Both Translations
Fee Translation certification

Higher Education Fairs

1 Organizer: EducationUSA center
Dates: 2014-10-03
Anticipated Audience: 300+
For More Information: Contact educationusa@americancouncilssee.org
2 Organizer: University of Sarajevo
Dates: 2014-10-14
Anticipated Audience: 1000+
For More Information: Contact educationusa@americancouncilssee.org
3 Organizer: EducationUSA center
Dates: 2015-03-25
Anticipated Audience: 400+
For More Information: Contact educationusa@americancouncilssee.org

Program Highlights

College Fair, Sarajevo 2013

In October 2013, 15 universities have visited Sarajevo for the second College Fair. Over 300 very interested students participated in the fair, and the end result was that all the represented schools had applicants from students coming to the fair. College representatives also held 4 short presentations on different admission- related topics.

EducationUSA Higher Education Fair 2014

On March 26 2014, EducationUSA center was a part of the tour of EducationUSA Higher Education Fairs, starting from Portugal and ending in Macedonia. Seven college representatives presented their respective institutions to over 370 interested students. It was a three hour event that attracted a lot of media attention, as well as the visit from the Charge d' Affairs from the US Embassy in BiH.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are currently scheduled.

Special Programs

Name of program: Opportunity
Deadline: May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1 2013 January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, 2014
Contact: educationusa@americancouncilssee.org
Brief description of the award, application process:
Opportunity funds, available through EducationUSA advising centers in many countries, support exceptionally well-qualified students of limited financial means with the up-front costs of applying to undergraduate or graduate degree programs at accredited U.S. colleges and universities. Opportunity funds may be used to pay the costs of test preparation and fees, visa and application fees, transportation costs, books, and settling-in allowances.

Name of program: Other
Deadline: March 1
Contact: educationusa@americancouncilssee.org
Brief description of the award, application process:
Based on Competitive College Clubs, cohort advising help the best and brightest students apply to competitive U.S. colleges and universities. Cohort group advisers work intensively to prepare students for the application process. Avisers organize student activities including study groups, intensive SAT and ACT preparation, reading assignments, lectures, and community service projects. Students sign a contract detailing their responsibilities, which include attending all meetings during the school year and summer sessions.

Scheduled Pre-Departure Orientations

1 Time:
Other Information:

Country-based Financial Aid Opportunities

Name of program: Global Supplementary Grant Program
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Level of Study: Doctoral
Majors Eligible: humanities and social sciences
Max amount of award:
Duration of Award:
Website: www.soros.org/initiatives/scholarship/focus_areas/global_supplementary
Brief description of the award, application process:

Offers grants to students from Bosnia and other select countries for doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences at accredited universities in the U.S. and other countries. Funded by the
Open Society Foundations.

Name of program: Roma Supplementary Scholarship Grant Programme
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Level of Study: Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doc
Majors Eligible:
Max amount of award:
Duration of Award:
Website: ref.rmusp.org/roma-supplementary-grant-scholarship
Brief description of the award, application process:

Provides partial support to Roma students who are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or other select countries, for pursuit of bachelor, master’s, Ph.D. or post-doctoral education as full-time
students at a recognized and well-established university outside of their home country or their country of residence. Funded by the Roma Education Fund.