EducationUSA Advising Center - Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico

Adviser Name(s):Sofia de la Garza
Claudia Ortiz
Phone: +52 55-5703-0167
Mailing Address: Liverpool 31 Colonia Juarez Mexico, DF 06600 MEXICO
Walk-Up Address: Liverpool 31 Entre Berlin y Dinamarca Col. Juarez Mexico, DF 06600 MEXICO
Center Hours:Monday - Friday:  10:00 - 19:00
 Saturday - Sunday:  Closed

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Center Description: Te invitamos al Centro de Asesoria Educativa de EducationUSA en donde te brindamos servicios gratuitos de calidad profesional:

Asesoria individualizada o grupal. Ambas gratuitas.
Recursos e información impresa y digital
Sesiones informativos sobre estudios superiores en Estados Unidos
Fuentes de información sobre exámenes y ayuda financiera.

Para recibir asesoría, por favor agendar una cita en www.EducationUSADF.appointy.com

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Advising Center Services

Cost Service
Free One-on-one advising
Free Advising by appointment
Free Regularly scheduled introductory presentations / sessions
Free Computer / internet access/use
Free Library hours
Fee Translations
Fee Test preparation courses

Higher Education Fairs

1 Organizer:
Anticipated Audience:
For More Information:
2 Organizer: The MBA Tour
Dates: 2014-08-23
Anticipated Audience: Students interested in an MBA
For More Information: http://www.thembatour.com/events/mexicocity.html
3 Organizer: Summer Programs & Boarding Schools - Linden Tours
Dates: 2014-09-23
Anticipated Audience: Students in general
For More Information: http://www.boardingschooltours.com/our-fairs/times-venues-contacts.aspx
4 Organizer: American School Foundation Fair Tour 2013
Dates: 2014-09-27
Anticipated Audience: Students, parents & university reps
For More Information: https://www.sites.google.com/site/mexicocollegefairtour/home/american-school-foundation-mexico-city
5 Organizer: Academic Mobility Fair/FOBESII
Dates: 2014-09-21
Anticipated Audience: Students, parents & university reps
For More Information:
6 Organizer: MEXTESOL 2014
Dates: 2014-10-16
Anticipated Audience: In service and pre service teachers
For More Information: http://www.mextesol.org.mx/
7 Organizer:
Dates: 2014-10-16
Anticipated Audience:
For More Information:
8 Organizer:
Dates: 2014-10-16
Anticipated Audience:
For More Information:

Program Highlights

Mexico Education Fairs

Advisers attend several education fairs throughout the year which draw large numbers of students and are well-attended by U.S. and other international institutions. These include the QS MBA and Graduate School Tour (Aug.), the Mexico College Fair Tour (undergrad; Sept.-Oct.), The MBA Tour (Aug.), and the FPP Media Graduate Programs Abroad Tour (April). As part of the annual Mexico College Fair Tour, Advisers host an Open House to introduce new representatives to the EducationUSA center and organize a social outing for them to mingle with local staff and each other while enjoying some of Mexico City's many attractions.

International Education Week Programming

The EducationUSA Center annually hosts a series of events in honor of International Education Week, celebrated the 3rd week in November. These include the College Counselor Workshop, a day-long professional development workshop for high school counselors. This year's workshop included sessions on Open Doors student mobility data, the student visa, how to work effectively with U.S. reps, volunteer opportunities for students, career counseling as part of the college counseling process, and a mock admissions committee moderated by a U.S. university representative. The sessions were attended by 9 counselors from 3 states. We warmly welcome U.S. representatives to participate.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events are currently scheduled.

Special Programs

Name of program: Other
Deadline: none
Contact: mexicodf@educationusa.info
Brief description of the award, application process:
Students interested in applying to Masters or PhD in the US. Get together every wednesday at 6:30pm and are provided with different activities to strengthen their application profile.

Scheduled Pre-Departure Orientations

No pre-departure orientations are currently scheduled.

Country-based Financial Aid Opportunities

Name of program: Fulbright - Garcia Robles
Deadline: 2014-02-28
Country: Mexico
Level of Study: Masters, Doctoral
Majors Eligible: All except medicine, veterinary and odonthology
Max amount of award: 25,000 USD per
Duration of Award: Two-Years
Website: www.comexus.org.mx
Email: becas@comexus.org.mx
Brief description of the award, application process: