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  EducationUSA Haiti Port-au-Prince
  EducationUSA Haiti Port-au-Prince

Advising centers in the EducationUSA network provide one of three levels of service: Comprehensive, Standard, and Reference. When searching for an adviser or advising center, it is helpful to know the level of service you can expect. Disclaimer: Centers should meet the majority of requirements (not necessarily all) to receive the designation given to them by EducationUSA.



  • Adviser & Center Requirements
  • Adheres to Principles of Ethical Advising and Guidelines on Commission- or Incentive-Based Recruitment Agents.
  • Has facilities and services accessible at least 20 hours per week, or sufficient to meet local demand at a standard service level.
  • Staffed with an adviser who is proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Maintains up-to-date reference materials.
  • Services to Students
  • Provides regularly-scheduled introductory public orientations on U.S. study, individual and group advising, information on financial aid, pre-departure information/orientations and other topics based on EducationUSA’s “Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study.”
  • Offers virtual advising through email, the EducationUSA website, Skype, webinars, video conferencing, locally preferred social media, instant messenger, and/or other platforms.
  • Provides internet access for college search.
  • Participates in college or educational fairs, hosting an EducationUSA booth.
  • Conducts outreach to local high schools and higher education institutions and/or American Spaces.
  • Provides information on local government and foundation scholarships.
  • Services to U.S. Higher Education Representatives
  • May assist U.S. institutions in planning a visit.
  • Maintains relationships with local high school counselors and university administrators, or ministry of education.
  • Provides orientation on local educational system and compare U.S. and host-country systems.
  • Able to verify ministry of education recognition/certification of local high schools and universities.
  • Can organize general U.S. higher education orientation sessions in which U.S. representatives could make presentations.
  • Able to display university and college-provided admission materials.