24 months prior to U.S.study:

English Language Ability Tests

Admissions Tests

        Being able to communicate in English is a basic requirement for successful study in the United States. If English is not your native language, U.S. colleges and universities will ask you to take an English language proficiency test before admission.

        Testing requirements vary greatly between graduate programs, so interested applicants should confirm directly with the school to which they plan to apply.

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Standardized test scores are only one part of the application

good test scores alone do not guarantee you admission.


"Be sure you are well prepared for the standardized tests you need to take."


- Fine arts student from China

As part of the application process, most graduate programs require one or more U.S. standardized test scores. Remember, application requirements may vary, so confirm the test requirements of the institutions to which you plan to apply.

Prepare for Standardized Tests